Update May 2018

From 19 to 30 March 2018 another stay in Mexico / Tulum took place. During this time, a series of activities and events around the World Water Day 2018 were scheduled, mainly initiated / organized by our partner Amigos de Sian Ka'an in schools and public spaces. The small Citizen Science project was also presented on the occasion. As it turned out, the project's content and objectives fit perfectly into the growing diversity of local activities as an expression of increasing public attention for the groundwater issue in Tulum ...

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Who and how to participate ?

Everyone can join!
All citizens are invited to impressive presentations about the vast groundwater network, related research projects, exploration diving and the important support they can contribute with the public monitoring network.

Everyone who wants to participate actively in the monitoring network is invited to short courses and practical exercises providing basic knowledge and skills to do simple on-site water analysis with commercially available testing kits as used for aquariums. We will learn how to measure important water parameters and what they tell about the waters health and vitality.
Everyone older than 10 can do it.

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